Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Nuclear Subs Collision

So two submarines have managed to collide in heaven knows how many square miles of ocean according to reports, one of which is in the Telegraph today. It is also reported that a French naval source has stated that the 'conservative' £50m repair figure would be met by the French and British taxpayer. So this has been settled on a 'knock for knock' basis thus allowing the French to retain their 'no claims'.

As anyone who has driven in France will know, the French are not renowned as being amongst the world's most careful drivers.

As a shareholder in the British 'insurance company' involved I feel slightly aggrieved!


Anonymous said...

Wonder who was driving on the wrong side ... ?


The Filthy Engineer said...

What astounds me as a professional seafarer, is how did they collide in such a vast amount of Ocean?

Could they have been playing chicken?