Saturday, 14 February 2009

Falsely Tagged

The Telegraph reports today (no link) on the incident of someone being 'tagged' as a result of being found guilty of being in possession of cannabis and that the tag was fitted to his prosthetic leg. Neither was this noticed at the time but more importantly was the fact that neither was it noticed the chap in question 'had a spare' which he wore between the times he was 'checked'.

"It would appear that in this instance the procedure has not been followed and we are conducting a thorough investingation into the matter now that it has been brought to our attention" says a spokesman for G4S, the security company involved. The Justice Minister, David Hanson, weighs in with "I am very concerned about these very serious allegations and will be speaking to the chief executive of G4S about this incident."

Someone made a mistake which had no monetary or other consequences, so learn from it - end of problem. Do we really need the expense, time and effort of an 'inquiry', which will be nothing more than a waste of money, other than the Justice Minister will be seen to be 'doing something'.

Presumably the guilty security workers involved, when hauled before the disciplinary panel, won't have a leg to stand on?

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