Saturday, 28 February 2009

'M' 'N' 'M'

Those amongst us who know nothing of 'Rapping' (other than that required for presents at Christmas, or on Birthdays) will not appreciate the outpourings of Marshall Bruce Mathers III, otherwise known as Eminem.

It does appear however that our 'home grown' 'M' and 'M' should be of interest to each and everyone of us if the latest report is anything to go by.

It appears that Michael and Mary Martin have been on one or two 'jollies' at the taxpayer's expense. Since 2002 they have visited Hanover, Berlin, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Rome, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Singapore, New Zealand, Nairobi, Bahamas, New York, Georgia, Alabama, Montebello, and Hawaii.

Don't you just love Freedom of Information requests?

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