Saturday, 21 February 2009

What Are Human Rights?

In Alasdair Palmer's article in the Telegraph about Abu Qatada and the ruling from the European Court of Human Rights there is an interesting quotation by David Cameron.

"It makes a mockery of human rights if we can't protect ourselves against people who are out to destroy them for everyone else."

Let us consider David Cameron's statement and relate it to the question of what are
my human rights in what is laughingly called the democracy in which I live.

Is it one of my 'rights' to have the ability to expect that those I elect to govern me, should be accountable to me? If it is one of my 'rights' to have that 'accountability' then why is he such an advocate of our membership of the European Union?

Is not whichever political party, who wins the next general election in this country, under an obligation to provide the electorate the opportunity of a referendum on said membership, regardless of whether or not the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified by all Member States? Otherwise, does this not make a mockery of the most basic of human rights, namely that of choice?

To turn David Cameron's statement round - It would surely make a mockery of our human rights if we (the electorate) cannot protect ourselves against people (the political class) who are out to destroy us (the people) for everyone else (the political class).

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