Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Reporting Facts

Apologies to all readers of this blog, but I am back on the subject of 'sloppy journalism yet again!

If anyone wishes to publish, in whatever form, a news service then it must follow that this is done objectively; and that the word 'objectively' encompasses the truth. The editorial of the Telegraph today has the 'headline' "MPs have a duty to protect our freedoms" and touches on subjects such as the photographing of police officers, 42 day detention and the comments of Dame Stella Rimington that we live 'in fear and under a police state'.

If, as stated, our politicians have a duty to protect our freedoms then how does the Telegraph not castigate them for having given away the most precious freedom we have; namely the right to choose how we are governed? Nowhere, in this editorial, is there any mention of 'the elephant in the room' - the European Union

Should MPs stir themselves from their self-imposed torpor and exercise that "duty to protect our freedoms", all that would be needed would be the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act - Job Done!

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