Friday, 27 February 2009

The Sign That The UK Has 'Wasted' Away

It must be a sign of the times and an indication of how low the fortunes of the UK has sunk when we cannot even produce good quality rubbish!

In the print edition of the Telegraph today (no link) Mal Williams, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Recycling (CRR) which represents reprocessors said that some councils were producing low quality recycled material because of a method known as 'co-mingled recycling', when householders put out paper, plastics, and other dry materials in one container. He went on to say that at least 10 percent of co-mingled recycling ends up in landfill as it was of such poor quality and could not, therefore, achieve a good price in the market.

This just underlines the stupidy of this whole 'waste' question and the resultant 'mess', all because we have to 'obey' a 'law' (Directive) imposed on us by an unelected and unaccountable 'foreign' cabal.

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