Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Reporting Facts (2)

Oh Dear - back on the 'sloppy' journalism tack again - apologies, but it really does make me almost incandescent with rage. Witness the second item in today's editorial of the Daily Telegraph that comments on the Conservative Green Paper, 'Control Shift', to devolve power to the electorate.

"Not only will they sweep away the regional bodies that have cost us billions, and delivered precious little in return,...."

Nowhere in the Green Paper does it state that regional bodies will be swept away. In fact the opposite is the case as the Green Paper, on page 27 states: "abolish all regional planning and housing powers exercised by regional government" and "refocus the Regional Development Agencies on economic development, stripping them of their powers over planning....." Note the word "refocus".

Now, how about some objective reporting?

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