Saturday, 28 February 2009

Why Can't Politicians Speak Plain English?

Cranmer has a post regarding the speech by Hazel Blears, Community Secretary, said speech reported in the Church Times.

In her speech, The Poisoned Dwarf - who is one my least favoured Labour MPs - said that a growing coalition of support needed to be built and that government wanted to 'empower' new voices and support people standing up for shared values.

What a load of 'non-speak'! What does 'a growing coalition of support' together with 'empower new voices and support people standing up for shared values' actually mean? Those two phrases could be taken by both the ethnic minority and those of the Christian faith as support for their views. We have seen what Blears means by 'empowering' people with her socialist dogma, especially with her reasons for the creation of Multi-Area Agreements which are supposedly to bring democracy closer to the people but will in fact drive it further away into the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

If Blears feels that our 'values' have become 'lost' one has to ask where the hell she has been for the last twelve years. As Cranmer says:

"One has to wonder why she has been silent on this matter for so long. And why is she speaking now? Did she object to the banning of Geert Wilders from the United Kingdom? Did she speak out against Lord Ahmed’s threat against Parliament? Has she uttered a word in defence of Catholic adoption agencies? Has she defended the manifest educational benefits of schools with a Christian ethos? Has she sided with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor in his concerns about Labour’s understanding of tolerance, which is fundamentally intolerant of anything Christian? Or Labour’s façade of democracy, which is Marxist and totalitarian?"

Who created the 'society' in which we now live Blears? You and your Socialist ilk!

Get off the fence you obnoxious woman and tell us - are you siding with the those of Christian values, values on which this country has been buiilt or are you siding with the ethnic minority? Is this just a 'speech for all' with a view to securing your re-election as an MP?

Let me put this question of 'cultural difference' to you this way Blears. Let me come and stay with you, in your home, for a period and let me change your home life, let me insist that you live according to 'rules' I demand and then let me see you accept that without complaint - because that is what is happening under your very nose and which you and your kind have been 'allowing' and even promoting ever since you came to power, under false pretences I might add, in 1997.

Iain Dale, in his post, mourns the fact that Blears has been absent from our lives recently. Any chance you could make that permanent Hazel?

Oh and Hazel - while your at it, would you also take Harriet Harman, Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint and Barbara Follett with you? Sod it, on second thoughts make sure all your colleagues join you - on a permanent basis!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Good stuff, but you let yourself down at the end with "while your at it".

This NewSpeak is easy.

*Ahem, clears throat*

This government is committed to empowering everybody in this society to achieving their full potential. There must be inclusiveness for the many before the narrow interests of the few. We have always looked to gaining the full support of the community and hope that we can reach out to every member of society on order to celebrate the diversity that makes each and every one of us so unique and we want to harness the talents of the broadest strata of society in order to engage in a national effort to overcome the hardships that many of us face in working out what the f*** we mean.

Ooops. Who put that last bit in?

*/ahem, sits down to faint applause*