Friday, 27 February 2009

Monkeying Around

A story in the print edition of the Telegraph reports that two black officers are claiming £200,000 from the Met for 'racist monkey taunts'.

(Aside - not being able, quickly, to find the article on-line I input 'two black officers are claiming £200,000 from the Met' into their search engine and this was the result - laughable, no?)

These two, PCSOs, claim that a white officer performed 'ape impressions' in front of them, swung his arms and pulled 'ape-like' faces. They are claiming the money - £100,000 each - as they felt 'distressed and humiliated' and are therefore claiming 'aggravated damages and compensation for hurt feelings'.

So the next time Lenny Henry impersonates a white man and 'mocks' our way of speaking and our accent, I can claim for 'distress', 'humiliation' and 'hurt feelings'? Yeah - right!

Tell you what - promote them to 'full' officers and then stick them on the front line of the next demonstration when there are bricks and other missiles flying about and then they will really know what 'hurt' means!

Seems to me that this whole affair is 'monkeying' around with the means to 'get rich quick' via the law!

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