Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Local Government - Cameron Style

The Conservative Party have just published a Green Paper on how they intend to 'devolve' power back to the people. A pdf version is available via ConHome here.

Initially, let us look at the Foreward signed by David Cameron. In talking about the crisis of our broken society he cites as a fault "an imbalance of responsibility and power". In discussing how to tackle the effects of our broken society he considers one of the methods is "descentralising responsibility and power". In this same foreward he insists that "I am a strong localist". and that "Localism holds the key to economic, social and political success". He also states that "Britain became great when power was distributed and not centralised".

Interesting statements indeed Mr. Cameron! If these are to be taken at face value then perhaps he would explain how these equate with our membership of the European Union? The last two quotes are particularly relevant to this question, where "localism" relates to this country viz-a-viz the EU. If the statement "I am a strong localist" were true then he would not continue his support for said membership.

Admittedly having only 'skimmed' the contents of the Green Paper, it does not seem to contain any mention of abolition of Regional Development Agencies, Government Offices of the Regions or Local Area Agreements. But then again his 'hands are tied', are they not?

The Foreward, in itself, is but another example of obfuscation and a form of contempt for the electorate of this country that is constantly shown by David Cameron and the Conservative Party and which is no different to that of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

More will follow on this later.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"Foreword", actually. Apart from that, agreed. In fact, I shall hereby promote you to my Top Twelve 'Blogs.

Witterings From Witney said...

Ahem - error corrected! Thank you for the promotion - so I've reached lance corporal then?