Monday, 9 February 2009

Conservative Clear Thinking?

All is now well in the world - David Cameron announces the setting up of an 'Economic Recovery Committee' " to draw together the top talent available, to help us come up with the right policies and the right answers for Britain's difficulties."

Now, forgive me but did not Gordon Brown also come up with this idea - and look where that got him. This latest 'bright idea' also begs the question - Who is stealing who's policies?

Besides demonstrating that the talent required is not available in the Conservative Party - what an admission that is - does Mr. Cameron not realise that the last thing this country needs is another 'advisory committee'? For heavens sake, we have got 'advisory committees' (call them what you like - quangos, fake charities or whatever) coming out of our ears!

In any event, is not "coming up with the right policies and the right answers" what the 'Conservative Treasury Team', whether in opposition or government, should be doing? How can any government "come up with the right policies and the right answers" with one hand tied behind their back; in other words constrained by our membership of the European Union and its regulations which affect aspects of the financial stability and productivity of our economy?

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