Monday, 23 February 2009

You Can't Get A Cigarette Paper Between Them

One of the phrases that Nigel Farage came up with in his condemnation of the three main political parties, on the subject of Europe, is that of the heading.

Well he was wrong on one small detail - its not just Europe!

Today we have Chris Grayling, in what was supposed to be a reasoned speech (reasoned?) coming up with this brilliant idea to deal with youth crime:

"Our police should have powers to go straight to a magistrate and get an order against that troublemaker confining them to their homes for up to a month"

Listen CG - in case it has yet to sink into the Conservative mindset - watch my lips (to coin a phrase). We have had the cautions, the ASBOs and all the other stupid, time consuming and ineffective ideas of the present collection of f'wits and what has been the result?

None of these ideas worked or solved the problem - and now you want to join the same club and try more of the same?


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