Thursday, 19 February 2009

Robotic Conservative Party & MPs

Picking up on a post by Old Holborn in which he recounts how a friend wrote to his MP, Charles Hendry; and how he (Old Holborn) also, separately, wrote to his MP, Brooks Newmark and that both received an identical, word for word, reply - funny he should mention that!

Back in 2006 I wrote to David Cameron on 18th March on the subject of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. The response I received from David Cameron's office, dated 23rd March was unsatisfactory so I wrote again on 29th March and the response, dated 6th April was, again, identical - word for word. What is even more remarkable is that the person in David Cameron's office who signed the letter had a surname just one letter different from mine. Now, I am sure that anyone responding to a letter sent to them with a surname so similar would recall the fact they had only written to this person just days ago? If that was not enough, the reply dated 23rd March, received from Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury where I lived at that time and to whom I had sent the same original letter, was identical to that of David Cameron's letter of the same date.

Later the same year, on 21st November, I wrote again to David Cameron castigating him for his silence on the subject of the European Union (no change there then!) stating that, for him, the European Union appeared a subject, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, that 'Dare Not Speak Its Name'. I received a personally signed reply from David Cameron, dated 23rd November. What a surprise when the next day I received another letter, again personally signed by David Cameron, which was identical - word for word - as the previous response!

What do we pay these politicians and their staff for? If they cannot run an office efficiently, should we trust them to run the country?

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