Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bankrupted Financially & Morally

Have just been wading through the report by Malcolm Offord, 'Bankrupt Britain' and do not doubt the fact that, for me, I should have said 'struggling through'. For those interested, the report can be found here. This set me thinking - besides financially, is not the country bankrupt morally too?

To what level has our society sunk that parents allow children, in or approaching their teens, of differing sexes to sleep in the same bed and then wonder and 'tut tut' when babies are born as a result? What has happened to our society when the public have to walk through a minefield of 'banned' words so 'offence' is not caused to homosexuals, lesbians, ethnic immigrants and a whole host of other 'protected' members of our society? What has happened to our society to reach the nadir whereby even our polticians are 'on the fiddle' by their strict adherence to badly drafted 'rules'. 'Rules', such as those for smoking in the workplace and subsidised alcohol, drafted for their own benefit and to which the public is exluded from enjoying is not acceptable; especially from a group that considers themselves 'elite'.

What has happend to our society when I am berated for asking that immigrants adhere to our way of life, respect our values and point out that no-one forced them to come here so therefore, if they feel 'uncomfortable', they are free to leave?
Are we no longer able to have debates on subjects? As an example, we are told we cannot criticise Islam - you mean to tell me that a religion purporting to have been around for ages is unable to justify its existence and its beliefs? Neither does it need to be wrapped in cotton wool by politicians of all parties in their attempts to curry favour with the Muslim vote.

Jeremy Clarkson is berated by the 'high & mighty' for using the phrase "One-eyed Scottish idiot" when describing our unelected leader. The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) complain about the slur of people with a disabiity; Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray and Gordon Banks, Labour MP for Ochil and South Perthshire brand Clarkson's comments as "unforgivable". (As an aside, I don't recall anyone complaining about the 'idiot' bit though - or did I blink and miss it?).

It can be argued that choosing one's words carefully in order not to cause 'offence' is not proof of 'sensitivity' but is, in fact, condescending. Have we lost the ability to call a spade a spade, or do we now have to use the term 'a manually operated tool for moving solid matter'? (surprised I haven't heard that term used by one of our 'pc' local authorities - or have I missed that too?). I, for one, will continue to speak my mind and if that causes 'offence' to someone - too bad! Just don't come whining to me, quoting some idiotic law that this bunch of misfits (aka our government) has passed or try to have me 'gagged'. Debate with me or suffer the indignity of disdain and being ignored.

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