Saturday, 14 February 2009

Role Reversals

A story in the Telegraph today (no link) deals with the 'case study' of children having to care for elderly parents, who whilst strong mentally are weak physically and have trouble with everyday 'chores'.

The daughter in question is quoted as saying that whilst the time she has to spend with her mother conflicts with time she wishes to spend with her husband and son she is nonetheless "happy to do this"

Two points arise with this story, the first being the manner in which it is written. If the facts are correct, what did the daughter expect would be the case and who does she think will care for her when she reaches the age that her mother is, namely 80. The second point is whether this story has been written with a view to eliciting some form of sympathy for daughter who has to 'give up time' to take her mother to the doctors for example, ensuring all household bills are paid etc, or whether it is yet another case of 'sloppy journalism'.

Either way, it seems a waste of newsprint.

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