Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Religious Conundrum

Cranmer has an interesting post on the question of where the Qur'an should be placed, in relation to the Bible, in British libraries - well worth a read

In view of the subject matter - a slightly irreverent thought. In view of the nature of the subject under discussion - and one that could be considered likely to re-ignite passionate arguments - should our Secretary of State for Culture, under whose responsibility libraries rest, have such an incendiary connotation to his surname?

Just a thought.

Another thought: In the Mail article, to which Cranmer refers, I notice that there is a quote from the Culture Minister, Barbara Follett. Err - Culture Minister:Barbara Follett - an oxymoron?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Can you do also do jokes based on the names of Education Secretary, Chancellor, PM (stuff), Justice Secretary & Transport Secretary?

I just can't think of any.