Friday, 17 July 2009

An Additional Word

Following on from the post by Mark Wadworth, who had nothing to add at the time, I feel duty bound to my 'twopennyworth' - a phrase from when we had 'real money, not this 'mickey-mouse' decimal crap we have now. On that point, as a matter of interest, when I started work in 1960 - earning £7, 10 shillings a week (£7.50 to the 'new born' amongst you), having paid tax, my keep and season ticket, I still had 'money' left in my pocket on pay-day each Friday - those were the days! But, again, I digress....

A number of observations:

Roger Helmer, in his paper for the Bruges Group entitled 'Cool Thinking on Climate Change' quotes the Renewable Energy Foundation as saying that wind turbines are garden ornaments, not power stations (page 57 of the print edition) - garden ornaments? WTF! You need a bloody big garden to have an ornament that size!

The EU already has established competence under the existing Treaties for environmental policy and it has an established track record in extending its powers to include powers not previously covered (ie, when the EU ambushed the Major government by insisting that the Working Time Directive was about Health & Safety - a competence of the EU - and not Employment, where the UK had an opt-out). Note that ratification of the Lisbon Treaty will provide the EU a competence in energy!

So therefore it is about control - global terrorism, so we need an EU police force, more security resources and more central control; global financial crisis, so we need a European Financial Regulator and more central control; global warming, which is an unproven science, more central control over policy, tax, emissions and industry.

It is important to repeat Roger Helmer's assertion that Climate Change is not science - it has become the 'new' religion! As with religion, it is not often the subject of rational debate; those that disagree with the 'accepted' view are branded 'heretics'. Armageddon approaches! The Climate Fanatics 'push' the line that if we will only follow their 'ideology' of 'changing our ways and adopting their prescription of abstinence', salvation is ours! Those of us who question 'Climate Change' are classified as 'Climate Change Deniers', yet we are members of an 'illogical' sect, as no sane person can deny that climate changes! It happens, always has and always will!

The 'environmentalists' are fond of stating that there is 'a scientific consensus', yet
there is not. Many scientists have signed letters to governments protesting about the distortions of policy in 'climate policies'. Christopher Booker, in his many articles in the Sunday Telegraph, has 'blown out of the water' virtually every opinion of the 'environmentalists', here, here , and here are but three examples, yet no-one appears to listen, least of all those amongst our 'government'. One could almost say that he is 'blowing in the wind'!

In conclusion, I would refer readers of this blog to a post I made on 10th June this year, and a quote which sums up the entire illogicality of the 'environmentalist' 'argument' :

"Al Gore: I think he should go back to Hollywood. What you get from Hollywood is fantasy."

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I still have nothing to add this time either, except "Keep up the good work!"