Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Blinkered Vision

An interesting article in the Times today in respect Baron Sugar of Clapton - aka 'SurAlan' - and the Trustees 'ruling' on screening The Apprentice during an election period.

"........the trustees said that allowing the Labour peer to present The Apprentice, or its spin-off programme, during an election period could lead viewers to think that the corporation was biased in favour of the Labour Party."

'could lead', 'was biased'? - WTF, where have these Trustees been for the last, heaven knows, how many years?

It is biased towards the Labour Party - or was, but like all journalistic 'organisations' having seen which way the 'wind is blowing' it is now starting to change its editorial policy.

Question: If the 'Noble Lord' was recruited to act as an 'advisor' to the Government, why was it necessary to ennoble him? Bribery? Surely not.............

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