Sunday, 26 July 2009

Social Services 'A Law Unto Themselves'?

This story seemed to get much attention, although not too sure about this story as it was before I began blogging.

Running through both reports is the point that Social Services would appear to be a 'law unto themselves'. More importantly, besides wishing to be a 'law unto themselves', it would also seem they have no regard for the law and its processes, as the following illustrates.

A report in the print edition of the Sunday Telegraph (unfortunately no link appears available in the on-line edition) concerns a father of four who has been reunited with his family after being forced out of his own home by social workers over allegations of sexual abuse.

He remained barred from living with his wife and family, despite a jury acquitting him on 15 charges of abusing his eldest daughter. Derbyshire social services refused to accept the not guilty verdict of the criminal trial. (my emphasis)

They decided instead to take the case to a family court, where there is a lesser burden of proof. On Friday, however, a family court judge found that none of the allegations against the father - who was in fact a care worker - had been proved.

Sorry - 'despite a jury acquitting him' and 'Derbyshire social services refused to accept the not guilty verict of the criminal trial'? WTF do these people think they are?

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