Friday, 10 July 2009

MPs Keen To Evict Squatters

So they want their house back, which for the last year was being 'renovated'. From pictures that have been published, it would seem said work seems to have 'stagnated' somewhat. Perhaps the 'builders' have stopped work due to works completed not being been paid - just a thought.

What does make me livid is the statement issued:

"We find it extremely upsetting to know that our house is occupied by squatters who appear to believe that they are entitled to do what they wish in our property."

Listen you pair of shysters, we - who fund your lifestyle, who fund your 'second home' (the one you don't seem to wish to live in), who fund call out fees to fix the sound on a home cinema system - something wholly and exclusively needed to carry out your jobs as an MP, no doubt - find it extremely upsetting that you appear to think you can do what you wish with our money!

You may deserve each other - problem is, we don't deserve you!

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Anonymous said...

If the house has been in the process of being renovated, then, no doubt, the Hoons will be able to provide invoices, receipts, and other evidence of work done and in progress.