Friday, 31 July 2009

The Gender And Opportunities Gap

Jill Kirby, writing in today's Daily Telegraph, lays into the Women and Work Commission and their deputy chairman, Baroness Prosser.

The soundbite to the article is that women are being told to avoid 'feminine' jobs - but what they want is to stop being lectured.

No Jill, in the interests of equality, what we all want - regardless of gender - is to stop being lectured by politicians, who don't have one bloody brain cell between them it seems, with the view that we, the members of the public, must all conform to their - the politician's - idea of the perfect person.

The Women and Work Commission is part of the Government Equalities Office - yet another quango and whose accounts can be found here - the latter being headed by Harriet Harman, needless to add.

In respect of the deputy chairman - tut, tut, not deputy chairperson./chairlady or just chair? - of the Women and Work Commission, there is only, really, one thing to say:

Prosser, you're a Tosser!

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