Monday, 20 July 2009

Ed Miliband - Waste of Space

For a patronising article, then this in the Guardian by our Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, must be a contender.

Setting to one side a brief spell in television journalism, where he probably learnt the media art of 'parroting' whatever was placed in front of him, one has to ask what the hell this politician knows about the climate or climate change.

"If the world agrees to act on climate change at the Copenhagen conference in December....."

No Ed, the world will not agree; only the self-appointed delegates attending will agree and - if Al Gore is an example of their intellect - will then produce nothing more than mumbo-jumbo, based on false data.*

"When we all depend on each other's actions, the world can't afford climate free-riders."

More importantly Ed, when we depend on politician's actions, the voters can't afford political free-riders who have no qualifications for managing the brief they have.

"In manufacturing, there is a thriving set of new industries dependent on low carbon......"

Oh, you mean like the Carbon Trust, the Environment Agency.....................

"And let's use the moment and cause to think about how we design cities and towns to make it easier for people to enjoy greener space, use public transport and have a better quality of life."

What green space Ed, what quality of life - after you have plastered what was this green and pleasant land with bloody wind turbines?

"What will make more people leave the car in the garage and take a bike to the train station?"

For sure, I am only too happy to cycle the 10 miles into Oxford while you get collected in your chauffeur driven ministerial car and driven the couple of miles to your office - Prat!

Discussing the need for wind turbines having to go somewhere Ed, the 'Richard'Head, says "the catastrophe wrought by climate change would indeed destroy many parts of our green and pleasant land."

The only thing that will ruin our green and pleasant land are stupid, brain-dead politicians like you!

By the way, Secretary of State (there's a misplaced title) for Energy and Climate Change, on the subject of wind turbines can you explain how you are going to build three giant turbines a day, between now and 2020? At peak demand of 56 gigawatts we would need 112,000 turbines covering 11,000 square miles, or an eighth of Britain's entire land area. And can you explain where denying the electorate the right of planning appeal for these turbines fits into the democratic process?**

On reflection, maybe Prat is too good a word when used as a description of either Miliband!

* Talking of false data, our Parish council recently had a presentation, by the Environment Agency, on future flood defense requirements using data supplied by the IPCC. When I queried why other sources of data were not being used I was informed that Defra only allow the EA to use data supplied by the IPCC. Talk about 'fixing' the odds!

**H/T: Christopher Booker Sunday Telegraph 19th July 2009

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