Tuesday, 21 July 2009

How True

Your Freedom and Ours has a post on Obama and his election victory, encapsulated in which is this:

"I dislike politicians who have no knowledge or understanding and who are so obsessed with a few ideas that they try to impose them on people by hook or by crook."

Helen also makes the point how she takes exception to politicians behaving as ruling monarchs and not the first ministers that they are.

These criticisms are so true of Gordon Brown and even David Cameron, in that they both issue condescending statements on, for example, allowing the people to have more say in how they are governed, for pushing our membership of the European Union but laying down caveats on whether we may be given a referendum, on their idiotic policies on climate change and the reliance on renewable energy, all matters on which they appear not to wish to listen to alternative arguments.

A little more humility would not go amiss in view of the fact we own them, pay them and house them!

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