Friday, 31 July 2009

Huhne The Hoon

The case of Gary McKinnon has evoked much comment and rightly so in my opinion, although that point is not the subject of this post.

Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson, has jumped on the 'injustice' bandwagon and called for a 'level playing field'.

This from the man who had this to say on the European Arrest Warrant, which introduces anything but a 'level playing field'.

Now, on the basic point that if it is acceptable for a British citizen to be removed from this country and tried in another EU country, then logically so must it be right for Gary McKinnon to be removed from this country and tried in the US.

However one suspects that Huhne, like all politicians, sees the General election looming on the horizon and senses the opportunity for a little self-promotion with a view to it helping him retain his seat and thus his position at the trough!

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Fausty said...

As you say, he's electioneering.

It amazes me how eager some people are prepared to be conned into to losing their liberty for 'security'.

This is a vile piece of legislation - which the case of Deborah Dark exemplifies.

and thank heavens the Tories plan to scrap it.