Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I Beg To Differ

The Speaker's conference, a committee set up to consider ways of making the Commons more representative, has made controversial recommendations in its latest interim report.

Anne Begg, Conference vice chairwoman, feels that "Despite recent changes, MPs remain predominantly white, male, middle-aged and middle-class.", whilst the report warned that "plummeting trust in MPs was also a "matter of urgent concern", whilst also calling for more representation from ethnic minorities and those disabled.

What, in the name of all that is holy, will filling half the Commons with MPs who are either women, from ethnic minorities or disabled do to increase the trust in MPs? Have we not seen in 'Expensegate' women and those from ethnic minorities who appear to have abused the system?

On top of which Ms. Begg, with the introduction of Open Primaries we will be the ones to decide which candidate is selected to represent us - not you or some 'tinpot' committee, set up by some vertically challenged individual in the hope it may increase his standing.

When, oh when, will MPs stop believing they are the ruling elite and that they feel able to write their own 'club' rules?

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