Monday, 27 July 2009

Open Europe Blog has a post on the effect of the European Working Time Directive and its effect on doctor's hours of work.

"Over the weekend John Black, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, called for the Government to have the courage to "step in and suspend" EU rules which will bring doctors' hours down to 48 a week from Saturday.

Matt Jameson Evans, chair of campaign group RemedyUK, said: "We already know most doctors are against EWTD [European Working Time Directive], we just need the leadership to do the right thing here."

Er....if they are talking about the 'Government' in Westminster, surely the two individuals in question would know that (a) Westminster is not our true 'Government' and (b) that as a result Westminster cannot 'step in and suspend' EU rules.

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Anonymous said...

"Dr." Black (who knows whether he actually holds a doctorate or not, many of them don't), wrote an article in the Telegraph along the same lines.

You really would think, would you not, that someone in such a prominent lobbying position would know who was actually in charge?