Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hain Doesn't 'Get It' Either

Probably stating the bleeding obvious, but the 'interview' he gave Patrick Wintour and Allegra Stratton in the Guardian contains a prime example for accusing him of not 'getting it'.

Discussing reform of the House of Lords and changing the voting system, Hain dismisses the need for a referendum on the latter and opines:

"I do not think voters would thank you for troubling them with the question."

When parties are discussing the need to 'empower the voter' - albeit paying lip-service to the question in most cases - Hain, in effect, dismisses the electorate as a minor irritant.

As to believing that if ministers 'fudge the issue' by ignoring calls to change the voting system they would "have absolutely not a shred of credibility", it must be said that Hain, with his record of past misdemeanours, fits the bill already!

Patronising bastard!

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