Friday, 24 July 2009

Policies - What Policies?

The present incumbent of the office of Foreign Secretary, one of the useless Miliband brothers, has a post on the FCO website.

"Nissan also announced that it will start producing lithium ion batteries for electric cars in Sunderland."


Not much point in producing the bloody batteries until we have plans to build the bloody cars the batteries will be used by.

Also bearing in mind the energy crisis Britain is facing through EU and your government's idiotic plans for electricity being provided by wind turbines - which you haven't got the remotest chance in hell of building in the time scale envisaged - where do we get the electricity that will be needed?

Oh and where are the plans to provide the 'charging points' that will be needed to ensure these electric cars will continue to operate?

Our Dear Leader seems to be missing the odd brain cell, or two, when he says:

"And the installation of 750 charging points in supermarkets, hospitals, car parks and universities across the North East will encourage take up of plug-in electric vehicles."

And if you want to drive somewhere outside the North East? Say a journey of 150/200 miles? And the re-charging time is.......? And the cost of re-charging is........? If one sets out in January, is the arrival time likely to be in the same year?

The words 'drawing-board', 'to' 'the' and 'back' come to mind.......

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