Saturday, 25 July 2009

One Rule For MPs And Another For Us

Tim Walker, writing as Mandrake,, in the Daily Telegraph today writes about the taxpayer 'coughing up' £21,706 for a Commons smoking shelter.

"It is part of a £3 million facelift that will be given to their "office" during the summer recess when the bars and eateries in the building will also be spruced up."

Frank Doran, the Labour chairman of the administration committee, is quoted as saying:

"All the smoking areas outside Parliament are very exposed and we felt it was a health and safety issue, especially in winter."

Setting to one side the small matter of MPs ensuring that they can fill their stomachs, at a reduced cost, in comfort (at our expense yet again!); what really makes me want to 'butt' them where it hurts is the fact the administration committee obviously feel it is okay for us to freeze our butts off in the winter, whilst visiting the pub, when we wish to smoke but not the MPs! As the Gurdian says in a further article:

"But following a number of complaints from smokers forced to light up in the biting wind and rain......."

£21,706 for a 'Pugin' smoking shelter? And MPs would have us believe that they are not a 'privileged class'?


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