Sunday, 26 July 2009

What Is Going On?

A story which has caught my attention in the Sunday papers is one that is featured in both the Sunday Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday. Whilst the print edition is slightly different to that on-line in both cases, the basic facts remain the same.

The burning question that arises is; have not the police got their priorities wrong? Surely common sense - okay, okay I do appreciate we are talking about the police here - dictates that if someone is defending violence against their home or family, then any 'weapon' used is used in defense and also it is worth pointing out that had the offenders not been present then they would not have got 'hurt'.

It is also appreciated that the police are only reacting to the requirements of the 'law of the land', created by a load of 'politically correct' apologists for politicians, however surely the police can decide for themselves what/who is right and what/who is wrong?

By God, do we need our 'Revolution'!

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