Monday, 13 July 2009

MPs Not In It To Make Money?

The title of this post paraphrases something Our Dear Leader said, recently, about the'Expensegate' scandal.

Really? It would seem that this MP has not 'read the script'. This story is a prime example of the disillusionment that voters have, presently, with politics.

The 're-dec' friends with whom I am presently staying - life-long Conservative voters - changed their vote at the recent Euro and Local Elections, voted UKIP and will do so again. Beside the reason that they had, for a long time, believed that they elected politicians to look after their interests thus allowing them to 'get on with their lives', they had (a) become totally disgusted with the revelations of 'Expensegate', (b) finally 'seen the light' over the EU and (c) read 'The Plan' and thus could see that MPs, generally, had abrogated their responsibilities, not only to their constituents, but also to their country.

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Dear Freeborn Englishman

I've enjoyed your blog so far and look forward to reading more. Hopefully you will soon progress to another easily accessible forum: maybe, you could then petition your council for a small name change so we might enjoy "Twitterings from Twitney".


Mischief in Middle England