Friday, 24 July 2009

Pointing Out The Bleeding Obvious

A small article in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph (no link available) reports that at the behest of Michelle Obama (trust that name to get into the act) Sarah and Gordon Brown have been showing off their vegetable garden at No 10.

The Prime Minister, who is said to be a 'big fan' of grow-your-own invited politicians from the all-party parliamentary gardening group to inspect his handiwork. Mrs. Brown was on hand to identify the produce and about 20 MPs and peers inspected peppers, strawberries, tomatoes [sic] beetroot and chard.

As I have previously said the majority of our MPs seem not to share one brain cell between them on certain matters, but one would have thought even an MP would know what a bloody strawberry looked like!

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captainff said...

grow-your-own invited politicians?

Sounds like a cabinet meeting .. .. ..