Saturday, 4 July 2009

Post Office Privatisation

An intriguing question following the decision by the Government to defer any plan for further privatisation of the post office, or Royal Mail.*

By March 2009 the postal services market was supposed to be fully open to competition, yet it now seems to have been put on 'indefinite hold' due to, according to 'Foy Boy' Mandelson, lack of legislative time and it would appear that the required time will not exist until after the next General election.

On the basis that the EU does not allow national governments to 'do their own thing' in an area where a Directive or Regulation has been issued, it stands to reason that the Government must have obtained a derogation from their masters in Brussels.

Now, one wonders who 'fixed' that? The prime suspect must be the Foy Boy who, events would lead one to believe, is in fact the 'de facto' Prime Minister.

Just thinking................

* Yes, I know that they are in fact two 'entities' - the words 'post office' & 'Royal Mail' being used in the general sense.

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