Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Conservative Transparency?

The Conservative Party website states that:

"As part of our action on expenses, all claims by Shadow Cabinet and Frontbenchers are being published in real time."

By clicking on the link one is directed to a new page which states:

"You can view the expense claims here. They have been made available using Google Docs technology, which is an open and accessible format so people can use the information however they choose."

Having tried to access the link over a number of days now, using both Firefox and Google Chrome, it would appear that there is a 'server error'

If Shadow Cabinet and Frontbench expenses claims are being published in 'real time', one would have thought that steps would have been taken to ensure that 'server errors' did not occur; and if they did, were corrected pdq.

Jack Straw is quoted as saying that "The expenses scandals will be a thing of the past." Perhaps the Conservative Party have taken his statement literally?

Just asking.......

Update: Apparently there is one link working (see comments) but data a month old as at 22nd July - so much for real time!


captainff said...

It's a problem of addresses as much as anything else. Try this link that seems to be a) working and b) what you're looking for.

I had a similar issue to the one you describe and I remembered one of the bloggers had posted that link previously .. .. .. I have it bookmarked and check back periodically .. .. .. It hasn't been updated in over a month.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks for that Cap'nff - have done as you suggested.

captainff said...

To be fair to the Tories (let's face it we won't be as generous once they become the government!!) I looked on their site again this morning after Dave was talking transparency on the Andrew Marr show and the link that gave you 'server errors' now works.

Amusingly today, the 26th of July, there are claims made by Paul Goodman MP on the 30th July!!!