Thursday, 30 July 2009

Whether The Weather..........

Much has been written in the media on the subject of the Met Office forecast for this years summer.

Over at EU Referendum, Richard North has commented with his usual forensic and thereby, incisive, ability.

However it is worth also considering the article in the Daily Telegraph, written by Philip Eden who is the Daily Telegraph's weather expert and is also vice-president of the Royal Meteorological Society.

This inability to predict weather, which as Philip Eden explains is dependent on so many 'inter-locking' factors, must also be applicable to the 'science' of climate change. As Richard North says:

"Yet, we have a multi-billion pound climate change industry, all based on forecasts with have no basis in reality, and which – over the period of their generation – have been shown to be consistently wrong."

This view is echoed by Philip Eden when he, in turn, makes the point:

"The change happened in 2005 when a string of self-styled long-range forecasters – in truth a lunatic fringe of self-publicists – started issuing their own warnings of severe winters and blistering summers."

When you get a lunatic fringe of self-publicists creating a multi-billion pound industry it can only lead to chaos and a waste of public money. Lets face it, we have just witnessed such a catastrophe happening, in the last 12 years, with the present Labour government.

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