Wednesday, 8 July 2009

We Only Have One Factory?

Not one for reading much left-wing outpourings of illogicality, but now and again one has to succumb to curiousity and, as on this occasion, it can pay dividends.

Socialist Unity is reporting on the closing of the only factory, on the Isle of Wight, producing wind turbines, in Britain.

On the assumption that the post is correct; with all the stated policies of this government, with all the 'hype' about saving the planet and with all the hype about 'green' environmental issues generating employment; this government only has one bloody factory, in Britain, producing the blasted things?

Oh, sorry - this must be an example of 'socialist planning'!!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

C'mon WFW, this is old hat.

It wasn't failure of socialist planning, it was failure of subsidy-seeking corporatists to get subsidies, and ultimately a triumph for free marekts.