Sunday, 21 March 2010

All For Some Biscuits?

From a 'tit-bit' in today's Sunday Telegraph (sorry, can't find any link) comes a story involving a biscuit or two.

"When Michael Campbell had the munchies during a night shift at a call centre, he dipped into a biscuit tin on a nearly desk. But CCTV footage revealed what he had done and he ended up in front of Newcastle magistrates.

Campbell, 27, from Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, was ordered to pay £7 for the biscuits and £150 in court costs and given a 12-month conditional discharge. Magistrates called his actions 'a breach of trust'."

FFS! And what f'wit(s) decided this warranted involving the courts?

The type of biscuits is obviously unknown, but the f'wit(s) was/were obviously 'crackers'!


Sue said...

...and our politicians get away with murder, bloody typical!

subrosa said...

You couldn't make this up could you.

I've never bought a packet of biscuits that cost £7.

Surely the person who left the biscuits on their desk must accept some responsibility. The bloke didn't rifle in their drawers did he.

Mrs Rigby said...

£157, and a criminal record - for a biscuit.

Sounds as if he had truly pleasant ex-colleagues!