Saturday, 20 March 2010

Now There Speaks A Conservative

Courtesy of Fausty comes this link.

Discussing Bercow and Farage:

"What would you rather have? John Bercow in parliament, a man who will change his politics according to what he can take from it, a typical career politician; or Nigel Farage, a man who quit his job as a banker despite making bucket loads more than he has done as an MEP, who works tirelessly and who has had the same political opinions and convictions since he existed in politics.
I know what I’d rather have in parliament. I don’t care what colour his rosette is. I really don’t.
Therefore I will be campaigning for Nigel Farage against John Bercow. If politically you disagree with me that we don’t need a real conservative in parliament than that’s fair enough. Just don’t bullshit me or other people with inane rhetoric as to how you’re sticking with Bercow for the party’s interest or how you think Bercow is a real conservative."

And therein lies the problem of the Conservative Party - that they offer themselves as something they most definitely are not!


Yasin said...

thanks for the link and for the support, regardless of what party colours you wear it is appreciated.

- Yasin

Witterings From Witney said...


We have met- pub in London one afternoon? The fact it is pro-Farage should tell you my party colours!

Thanks for the thanks and trust you well.