Saturday, 20 March 2010

Change Isn't Easy - Especially When Offered By The Conservatives

David Cameron - CEO of the Conservative Cameron Party - gave a speech today in which was contained this truism: "Change isn’t easy. It's hard because there will always be people who want to preserve the status quo even when it isn’t working in everyone’s interests. To maintain their privileges. To maintain their position. To make sure that the way things work suit them, rather than everyone else. They're called vested interests, they are the enemies of change and often they will use any means to block progress."

So the reason the Conservative Party won't allow a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU is because they are the people who want to preserve the status quo even when it isn't working in everyone's interests. Because there will be no real change to MP's remuneration, perks and working practices, this must be due to their self-interest in maintaining their position, maintaining their privileges, and making sure that the way things work suit them, rather than everyone else. There you have it - out of Cameron's own mouth! In the interests of transparency perhaps Cameron will inform Britain what are the vested interests which prevent him allowing the people a vote on membership of the EU and introducing true local government.

Later in the speech we find this: "It was only when people stood up to a despotic King that our rights first came enshrined in Magna Carta." And WTF, Mr. Cameron, decided to give away those rights to the EU? WTF decided to ignore their Oath of Allegiance on entering Parliament and becoming Privy Councillors? That is why people are now starting to stand up against another despotic leader in the shape of one David Cameron!

It is about time David Cameron learned some simple lessons.

1. We don't care how many women or black & ethnic candidates you field - we just want them to be honest, principled and thereby be worthy of the title Rt. Honourable and Honourable.

2. We don't care about how many battles you have fought, how untidy you are at home, who your wife voted for, whether she love you - we just want someone who unashamedly believes in Britain, will fight for Britain and put her interests first and, more importantly, let the people decide who they wish to make all of their laws.

3. We don't care whether the Conservative Party win the election because there will be no change - we do care about change, want and demand change which is why the Conservative Party will find that their votes decrease in great numbers.

To return to the subject of Cameron's speech, personally I believe the Conservative Party, Cameron, his coterie and the policies he and his party offers, stink!


ukipwebmaster said...

This just in:

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with the last paragraph, I think Cameron has taken the party to a new low. Incidently, has no one told him that it is not his party, if not it is time someone did.

Witterings From Witney said...


Could not agree more and I have tried, on many an occasion!