Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Conservative Party Is No Longer

At least that is what Michael Gove has, in effect, admitted in a response to a question following his speech today on Labour's links to the trade union Unite.

James Kirkup reports that Gove, in response to an 'heir to Blair' question, said:
"At its best, New Labour was a recognition that the values of enterprise and aspiration could be fused with commitment to social justice and fairness. The party that best represents that fusion now is David Cameron’s Conservative Party."
So any hope the electorate may have had in thinking that by electing the Conservatives they would get a centre right party have been blown out of the water - well and truly! As has long been perceived by the electorate, they are faced with a choice of three main parties - all of which are left-of-centre.

That sure ain't going to make the Tory Party 'Faithfull' very happy! Good Oh!

Oh and in case anyone was unaware - there is one party offering what were the policies of the Old Conservative Party. When marking the ballot paper, the X goes in the UKIP box!

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