Monday, 15 March 2010

Urgent: Men In White Coats Needed

From the Times we learn that the Government will today support a proposal tabled in Brussels for a new, much more onerous EU target for cutting carbon dioxide even though other nations with higher emissions have failed to commit to reciprocal action.

"The EU has already gone farther than the rest of the world by making a legally binding commitment to cut emissions by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020. It is now preparing to raise the target to 30 per cent despite the failure of December’s climate change summit in Copenhagen."

You will note that the government has refused to release data on the additional cost of this latest increase and in so doing refused an FOI request by The Taxpayers Alliance. With the belief by the public in climate change crumbling round their ears, thanks to sterling work by the likes of Watts Up With That, Richard North over at EU Referendum and Christopher Booker (apologies to anyone omitted and that should have had a mention), with the data being disproved regularly, the environmentalists continue on their merry way, supported by politicians whose heads are so far up their rear orifices that daylight must be viewable from the other end.

Courtesy of Richard North, again, we find that shale gas is coming onto the market and should alleviate the prospects of an energy crisis. Richard notes that this was reported in the Economist and the Financial Times, yet I cannot seem to find any mention elsewhere in the media - especially the BBC. As Richard so rightly points out - what price renewable energy when gas is once again readily available.

No doubt our politician's heads will still be invisible and no doubt they will say that in view of all the money and effort expended it is not economically viable to stop the switch to renewable energy! Err, TSR2 - remember that, anyone?

In view of their track record, it is logical to assume that the MSM, nor our politicians, will highlight this stupidity, so I guess it is up to those of us in the blogosphere to make this an election issue. The cost of this increase being imposed on us by a collection of blinkered, brain-dead, 'elected dictators' has to be stopped - after all, whose bloody money is it that will be paying for this?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of our scientific bloggers can preemt them with launching studies of their own into the viability of shale gas?

IO'm simply not qualified to do so, but I'd be happy to carry the work of others.