Friday, 26 March 2010

European Economic Governance/Government

Picking up on my post yesterday, a few further thoughts to throw into the discussion on the possible ramifications of such a move as the above.

It is worth recalling that whoever controls the economy controls the country and whilst Britain is not in the eurozone, it is also worth remembering that the Lisbon Treaty states that the currency of the EU will be the euro - no ifs, no buts. Therefore, at some stage, Britain will have the euro as its currency and if European Economic Governance - or Government, the difference being what exactly? - is proposed then this would be but the precursor to moves to force Britain to join the eurozone.

Much is being made of the fact that a new treaty would be required and that that would 'trigger' the Conservative 'Referendum Lock' - meanwhile note that Merkel's suggestion of the insertion of new clauses in existing treaties to cater for the eurozone/IMF Greek bailout and any future financial turbulence, which would have meant a new treaty, has been dropped - for the moment and one has to wonder why. No doubt if Brown were to win the election Merkel's suggestion would miraculously re-appear and be adopted, along with a new treaty.

Camerons infamous statement about 'Referendum Locks', 'transfer of further powers' is nothing but a smokescreen in that were he to win the election, his policy would only allow a block on the 'further transfer of power'. Nothing in Cameron's present policy allows for any referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and it is worth also recalling Hague's statement on Sky last Sunday in which he said there would be no in/out referendum.

It is typical of the man that Cameron does not practice what he preaches. Cast your mind back to Cameron's speech on 4th November 2009 in which he said: "In this area – Britain’s relationship with Europe – what people want from their politicians is some straight talk and plain speaking. They were told we were joining a Common Market and it turned out to be a European Union. They were told they would have a say over the European constitution but that promise was broken.People are fed up with the endless lies and spin....." - So when is Cameron going to give us some straight talking and plain speaking? When is he going to end the practice of endless lies and spin? He refuses to discuss membership of the EU and leads the British electorate to believe that they would have a referendum on membership when they clearly would not.

Neither is it any wonder that Conservative fortunes at the moment seem to be on an ever downward spiral as nothing Cameron says can be taken at face value. Come on Dave, bite the bullet - let us have some straight talking; let us see a cost/benefit analysis on membership of this odious organisation with whom you have a love affair; let us have that public debate - one that you have ducked on three occasions in your own constituency. Show us you are fit to govern Britain, rather than just being a poodle on a leash held by Brussels.

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