Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What Happened To Labour's Bonfire?

Way back, before those voting for the first time in the forthcoming general election were born, this was reported:

"The Independent (London) February 24, 1991, Sunday
Labour to decentralise industrial strategy
LABOUR will tomorrow outline a new decentralised industrial strategy, designed to boost investment in technology and training but to avoid a return to 1970s-style corporatism.
The agencies will implement the urban policy that is now administered through 34 different schemes and five Whitehall departments. Gordon Brown, shadow trade and industry minister, says Labour will make a ”bonfire of the quangos

Fast forward 19 years and we find, courtesy of the Taxpayers Alliance that there are longstanding concerns at the growth of quangos in Britain. The TaxPayers' Alliance report ACA-YCB: A Guide to the UK Semi-Autonomous Public Bodies showed there are 1,148 national arms length bodies in Britain, costing over £90 billion.

According to this report next year, borrowing will also be higher, at £176 billion, of which presumably £90 billion is to fund these bloody quangos? WTF!

The following may provide some insight into the problem caused by quangocrats, whilst also showing what the problem is with our bankers - they both know nothing!

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