Friday, 19 March 2010

Official: Cameron Wishes To Change Britain's Society

Courtesy of Calling England I find this article.

Just to repeat: "Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around."

During February it came to light that Labour may have been guilty of 'social engineering' by their  'open borders' policy in allowing unparalleled immigration levels, on the accusation that immigrants were more likely to vote Labour than for any other party - hence the accusation of 'social engineering'. On the 9th February, the Telegraph reported that the Conservatives were demanding an independent inquiry into this and Damian Green was quoted as saying: "This makes it all the more important that there is a proper independent inquiry in the origins of this policy and whether ministers have been deceiving people."

As a result of - and the influx of - immigration and immigrant's 'rights' our society has been changed from what it was back in 1997, resulting in the feeling of the majority of the British population that the indigenous population were in the minority, resulting in them having to change their way of life, traditions and beliefs to suit the immigrants. By his remarks David Cameron stands accused of the same 'crime' as that which his spokesman accused the government.

Forgive my forthrightness ( a fault for which I have often been accused and one to which I readily admit) but; whose bloody country is this? If anyone wishing to live in Britain does not like the British 'way of life', our humour, our traditions, our beliefs and our laws then there is but one option - bugger off whence you came!

To the 'Bleeding-Heart Liberals' who think those opinions are out of date and 'Non-PC', let me pose a question. Were I to come and live with you, in your own home (God forbid!) and started imposing on you changes to your home life - the time you got out of bed, the food you eat, tried to change the programmes you watched on your television; I can well imagine the howls of outrage that would ensue! Well you BHLs - the same bloody principle applies!

I have no objection to anyone from another country choosing to make their home in Britain on the proviso that they accept our 'way of life', our traditions and culture, pay our taxes - fine. To those who object I have two words of advice - F... Off!

Is not Cameron's statement, quoted above, no more than 'social engineering'? Hypocrite!


Mark Wadsworth said...

WFW, agreed and everything, but ...

"unparalled" should be "unparalleled"

"bugger off from whence you came!" should be "bugger off whence you came" (from where = whence; "from whence" is a tautology)

"on the priviso" should be "on the proviso"

Anonymous said...

A wolf in sheep's clothing, so the sheep won't notice.

Well spotted, WfW!

They're all just doing the EU's bidding, but trying to outdo each other in ways that will best fool/placate the public.

Please will you send this to Lord Pearson? And maybe post it on Bloggers4UKIP? And everywhere?!

Anonymous said...

Now facebooked!

Why don't you get one of Facebook's share buttons? Then it just takes a click and you're advertised! :)

Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks MW and will correct - I plead tiredness, excess of alcohol and being plain lazy.