Friday, 26 March 2010

A Repost

"On March 25 there was a response to Lord Pearson's Written Question:
To ask Her Majesty's Government which United Kingdom citizens have been extradited under the European arrest warrant; for which alleged crimes; to which European countries; and how long they have spent in custody awaiting trial.
HMG's response, as conveyed by Lord West of Spithead, was:
The Serious Organised Crime Agency and Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (for Scotland) are the designated authorities in the UK responsible for processing European arrest warrants (EAWs). It is not possible from current systems to break down the number of EAWs received by the UK into nationality, alleged offence type and requesting EU member state. To do so would require a manual examination of all files and incur disproportionate cost. Once a person has been extradited from the UK to another jurisdiction, the designated authorities' involvement in the EAW process ceases.

How long a person is held on remand awaiting trial, whether in custody or on bail, is governed by the law of the requesting state and this can vary from country to country. Internationally accepted standards usually allow for a two-year period of detention before trial, depending on the circumstances of the case. While the UK is unable to interfere in the legal processes of another country, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, if appropriate, will consider making inquiries with local authorities to establish the reason for any delay in trial proceedings for any British national held on remand for more than 24 months.
How nice. We have surrendered our right to examine whether that extradition request is acceptable and, apparently, we have lost all interest in what happens to the unfortunate person thus handed over. Undoubtedly, being part of the EU makes us stronger in the world."

So nice to know that iDave, Gordon and Nick are 'standing up for Britain's interests' and for the interests of those who pay the bloody salaries, expenses and provide them with two homes!


subrosa said...

Startling to know that they don't even have the figures isn't it?

All these billions spent on IT and they have to go through papers. Aye, that'll be right.

Mrs Rigby said...

They're amazingly good at saying No, aren't they. Must take years of in-service training.