Friday, 26 March 2010

Yes, And I Wonder If These People Also Understand Democracy

Politics Home reports that the Conservative Party have unveiled three new posters which it says are going up on over 450 sites across the country. MP's Expenses; Education and NHS - Wowee!

MP's Expenses: yet still Parliament regulates itself: Statist control

Education: Yes you can 'choose' the school as long as it is a state school: Statist control

NHS: Pumping yet more money into a failed system: Statist control

As anyone knows when buying a car - it is no good choosing one which has a nice shiny, pristine bodywork when the engine is totally f'ed!

Listen you poor fools, do you actually understand why you have the privilege of a vote? Do you understand what you are actually voting for? Do you understand what 'sovereignty' means? Do you understand what 'freedom' means? Do you understand who actually 'governs' Britain?

FFS - these people actually have a vote?!

Apologies - apoplexy over!


Sue said...

I'm actually beginning to think that everyone has been brainwashed.. and they call UKIP "eccentric".. ?!?

Witterings From Witney said...

Sue, to be 'brainwashed' first you need a brain!

Mrs Rigby said...

No, it isn't exactly 'brainwashed' it's not being able to be independent, not able to either think for themselves or look after themselves. The state employs millions in non-jobs, and so controls their livelihoods too.

Anonymous said...

To see just how bad it is, look at the "comments" on "ConHome", never has the English language been so abused. Well, except for Blair, Brown, Camerloon, Cleggover and on and on!