Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gordon Brown 'Robbing Hood' Of Nottingham

Gordon Brown is a lucky man in that he obviously does not live in the same world as the British electorate on the basis of the twaddle that he has spouted today in Nottingham. I have no intention of detailing specific instances where Brown is robbing us as others will do that far better than I, but rest assured he is!

Stating that his main aim will be the economic recovery he makes an attempt to echo Blair's 'Education, Education, Education' with "When people ask what are my top three priorities for the country let me tell them – keeping on the road to recovery, keeping on the road to recovery, keeping on the road to recovery." He continues "Securing the economic recovery or wrecking it......" which, bearing in mind it was him that wrecked the economy in the first place, is a tad rich coming from his mouth!

Brown then has the effrontery to say "We will always put the British people first – before personal interest, our party interest, or any vested interest........" when he did exactly the opposite when faced with the decision to hold a promised - I repeat promised - referendum. He then follows the previous statement with this "........ that the British people are the boss and like any employer they deserve to know about the performance of their team." If Brown really believed 'the British people are the boss', he would not be committing the cardinal sin - in common with Cameron and Clegg - and telling the British people what they will be allowed to have given, he would be asking us what we want and then providing that; and the first thing would be the bloody referndum on membership of the EU!

Moving on to Brown's pledges, need one remind him that in 2008 it was stated in a court that "manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation". If a bloody manifesto pledge cannot be considered binding, what is the chance of him keeping to five 'promises' on a piece of card? On this point of what can only be considered fraud, by the failure to honour the manifesto, this post by IanPJ on Politics is well worth a read.

Continuing, Brown states " I will set out a clear and public annual contract for each new Cabinet Minister, detailing what I expect them and their department to deliver to the British people, and that their continued appointment is dependent on their delivery just as it would be in a business or any other organisation." That 'public annual contract, like a manifesto, won't be worth the paper it is written - in any event it would seem that this 'promise' is a tad premature when considering that he, Brown, is likely to have his 'continued appointment' terminated in a short while!

Ending his speech Brown said "Every time we change a life we change the world, we’ve done it before, and we will do it again." For those who are too young to know any different; to those who have not had the privilege of having a good education and thereby missed out on history, let me assure them that every time Labour has been in a position of power they have indeed changed lives and the world - and have left both people's lives and the world 'up shit creek'. As Brown says, given the opportunity, 'we will do it again'!

Update: At the Labour meeting in Scotland, Brown said "...we don’t want to be in power for powers sake but for the people’s sake..." In which case give the people what they want - a referendum on EU membership and their freedom!


Mrs Rigby said...

If we're the boss why can't we have an election, and why couldn't we have a referendum on Lisbon?

"we will do it again"
Yes, given half a chance they will, but there's not much left to do, the country's almost completely dismantled and sold abroad - even the Lottery's gone to Canada now!

All their empty words, it's hard to believe that they don't really care about Britain.

Witterings From Witney said...

Mrs. R,

Exactly! I have almost lost the will to rail against Brown and the rest of them! And what is even more sad is that it would seem the electorate just don't care! We all know who will be shouting the loudest when they get what they don't want - at which point I shall take great delight in telling them that a few of us did try and tell them!