Monday, 15 March 2010

The 'Federalising' Of Britain

Gerald Warner has a post about the 're-organisation', intended by this government, to the House of Lords, a post which I reproduce in its entirity.

"Jack Straw’s vacuous plan to abolish the House of Lords and replace it with a 300-member “Senate” demonstrates that, to the bitter end, Labour is obsessed with the kind of constitutionally illiterate vandalism that has characterised its 13 disastrous years in office. We already have a completely superfluous Supreme Court, on the American model; now Straw wants to add a Senate. American institutions are first-rate – for Americans. They are totally alien to Britain.

The reason for this persistent constitutional tinkering is that Labour (and now its Vichy Tory clones) thinks that such synthetic constructs are more “modern”. A favourite claim is “No other developed nation has a House of Lords”. That reflects the cultural masochism that leads “progressives” to imagine that every other society is superior to Britain. Most “developed” nations have contrived paper constitutions, cobbled together after the overthrow of their monarchies and other evolved institutions provoked periods of revolution, civil war, totalitarianism, general unrest and instability.

We have the inestimable advantage of an organic, evolved constitution that was traditionally the envy of the world. Yet, because it is enveloped in the trappings of past eras, despite its enduring efficiency and adaptability Labour and Tory modernisers want to smash it. It is a characteristic of modern Lab-Con Britain that everything that is unbroken is gratuitously mended, while the many things that are indeed broken are left unrepaired.

It is also significant that Straw’s plan is expected to include mechanisms for gerrymandering the Senate in favour of the usual suspects – women, “faith groups”, etc – as has already been done in the Commons via all-women and other forms of rigged candidate selection lists. The voter is being deprived of choice and is increasingly an extraneous cipher in the process of engineering an appointed parliament in both chambers.

It is widely assumed that Straw’s plan will not progress: but do not underestimate the potential for the Tory traitors to pick it up and run with it. What could “detoxify” a gang of Etonians more impressively (in their own demented imagination) than abolishing the House of Lords? It typifies the decadence of our times that the only section of the membership in the whole of Parliament that has not been mired in expenses and corruption scandals – the hereditary peers – is the one element that is designated for expulsion.

The implications of all these incoherent attempts to ape less mature and successful constitutional models is ultimately republican. The monarchy is the eventual target of the so-called modernisers. Pomp and pageantry are anathema to them. The grey-suited, serially corrupt apparatchiks of the European Union are their role models – and don’t forget what a plum the office of President would offer to a succession of retiring expenses junkies.

It is not the House of Lords that the public would prefer to abolish, but the House of Commons. The loathsome canaille on the slime-green benches – despite the sycophantic vocabulary of journalists such as “dedicated public servant”, “devoted constituency MP” and suchlike crony-guff – are detested by the electorate. They have banned country sports, driven smokers out of pubs, irresponsibly flooded the country with immigrants, handed us over trussed and gagged to Brussels, harassed the nation with “green” tyranny and political correctness, persecuted Christians and remorselessly robbed every taxpayer in the country.

The public knows, however, that there is no means available to it of abolishing this chamber of horrors. So, cleverly, it has opted to neuter it. An opinion poll recently showed that 34 per cent of voters actively want a hung parliament. That provoked spluttering outrage among the political class. Did these clowns of voters not understand that a hung parliament would destroy confidence in Britain’s ability to fix its economy? How stupid could they get?

The voters are not stupid at all. They know what they are doing: reducing the political class to impotence. And not before time. The transparent lie that the markets will trash Britain because of a hung parliament – when most of the countries whose bonds they purchase are in a state of permanent coalition government – impresses the British public as much as global warming scares. The difficulty about securing a hung parliament is the mechanism for engineering it. The only secure method is to deny votes to the three major parties. It is time to put them – not the peers – out of business."

Ponder for one minute - is this not just a 'socialist' plan to 'federalise' Britain, to bring it in-line with countries in Europe? Unfortunately I do not have time to research any links to EU 'plans' and no doubt if they exist, hopefully the indefatigable Richard North might oblige with details. What 'secret' negotiations have taken place amongst our politicians and 'crats' in the EU in order to bring this about? What is it about Britain that socialists so hate, that they must destroy us? What 'promises' have our politicians received, in order that they would effect this change to our constitution, society and country?

Gerald Warner states that: "The voters are not stupid at all. They know what they are doing: reducing the political class to impotence." Methinks it is more a case of 'The politicians are not stupid at all. They know what they are doing: reducing the electorate to impotence'. The fact is, regrettably, the electorate cannot see, or don't wish to see, what is happening and won't do so until it is far too late. In fairness, one cannot blame the electorate too much as the media have been complicit in hiding the truth from the electorate by not reporting it properly!

On that last point, it is worth realising that if you combine the actions of our politicians with those of the media, as a country we are not that far away from the state of affairs which existed in East Germany, because what we have now is a form of 'democratised censorship'.

A far-fetched view? I don't think so!


The Boiling Frog said...

The establishment of the Supreme Court had an EU element to it:

The Government argued that there must be a separation in order to comply with Article Six of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees a fair trial.

Witterings From Witney said...

Ta TBF, Knew there was a link, but a tad 'snowed under' at the moment with UKIP biz!

Trooper Thompson said...

"Gerald Warner states that: "The voters are not stupid at all. They know what they are doing: reducing the political class to impotence." Methinks it is more a case of 'The politicians are not stupid at all. They know what they are doing: reducing the electorate to impotence'."

It's kind of the same thing. The politicians are supposedly accountable to the people. If the politicians are made impotent or become unaccountable, the people will lose their power.

" a country we are not that far away from the state of affairs which existed in East Germany"

There's a big difference. People in East Germany were far more aware that they were being fed a diet of lies.

Witterings From Witney said...

Fair comment TT, especially on the last point. Although I think we know too that we are being fed a pack of lies, it is just, at the moment, the electorate, in general, are not that worried - unfortunately for them!

Trooper Thompson said...

It's a tough one. I think people are very dissatisfied, but this doesn't go anywhere because there are so many pied pipers leading them by the nose down to the river, they can't identify where they should direct their fire (to mix metaphors somewhat). Their brains are addled by television. It sedates them, programmes their thought processes and defines the world for them.

Anonymous said...

The US Feds had a cunning plan when they set up their Supreme Court.

Before that time, all states attended to their own judicial matters - never resorting to the Federal government, because they had absolute sovereignty.

Step by small, careful step, the Feds would argue that anything that crossed state boundaries could not be handled by any one state, although that argument was fallacious because the judicial authority belonged to the state in which the felony occurred - i.e., the 'injured' party.

The globalists among them, were easily 'persuaded' to make an exception here and there and write it into their state laws.

This practice grew, until it became accepted that the Feds were the supreme judicial authhorities although even today, that is simply not true.

I believe our EU 'masters' and the globalists in the UK have learned a little from that. Little by little they get us to accept a supreme authority.

Before you know it, it the HoC will cede partial rights to the Senate to write legislation - just as happened in the US (The Senate now writes the more odious laws, even though it shouldn't have the authority to do so).

The frog boils slowly until the Senate is supreme, and we don't have our representatives writing legislation any more.

It will be interesting to see who is most enthusiastic for this move.

I don't trust Straw at all. He's been chipping away at our constitution every since he got his grubby paws on power.