Monday, 29 March 2010

The LibDem's 'Indecision' on EU Membership

Mark Wadsworth has been having some 'LibDem Fun' with their taxation policies, so I thought I may join in his game by looking at their position on EU membership.

The Albion Alliance has emailed Nick Clegg on two occasions, the second an email sent by me using his own website. The first email did not bring a response, however the second did. (All correspondence can be read here)

It is a shame therefore that the last part of Clegg's response to the second email is not included on his party's website, here and here. Clegg's response appears to be the normal one issued by a politician who wishes to appeal to a particular group and his commitment to a referendum should surely be included in any party website statement or policy note.

Unfortunately, Clegg exhibits a common trait that our politicians have of not fully answering any question or points raised in a question. It now appears that the Liberal Democrats would only support an in/out referendum on the EU should a further transfer of power take place. Neither does he answer the points about the lack of response by his candidates to the Albion Alliance emails, nor the fact that his candidate in Witney cannot be bothered to respond to one of her own constituents.

It is a great pity that the Liberal Democrats do not recognise the gravity of the problem that EU membership presents, when considering the basic democratic question of who governs Britain. One would have thought that, considering the names of some of their candidates, the LibDems Wood have taken more Care to make the Wright presentation of their policies, instead of the Alcock and Bull approach that they offer where the imposition of our Laws are concerned.

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Anonymous said...

My understanding of the Lib-Dums policy on the EU is that they want us in, like now, and always have done. The local council is dominated by them and we have three of them as MPs as well as one or two MEPs. All of them ardent EUrophiles.