Monday, 22 March 2010

Britain, Its Illness and Necessary Cure

For those of us blessed with advancing years, we are able to remember when to be British was something of which to be proud. Our country was respected, it was reasonably wealthy and due to its rather 'dated' traditions and way of life it became a Mecca for tourists from far and wide. Britain's inhabitants were, generally, well behaved, courteous and helpful to all. Our politicians, both MPs and Peers, were respected as men of learning and wisdom - and one immediately thinks of Enoch Powell as an example - who were, and deserved, the title 'Honourable'.

Return to the present day and what do we find? Our politicians are held in contempt due to their financial 'shenanigans' and are considered to be without morals or principles. As a country we have become discourteous, ill-mannered and unhelpful. Britain is no longer considered a 'beacon of democracy', it has lost its identity; its people are almost taxed out of existence on everything but the air they breathe (but give the politicians time, I hear you cry) and that instead of immigrants assimilating into the English way of life they, the immigrants, want everything changed to the lifestyle from whence they came. Britain is no longer wealthy due to the ill-advised and ill-thought-out actions of incompetent politicians, who besides wrecking the economy have also wrecked the country's society, traditional way of life and view of the world. Britain's inhabitants are no longer proud of their country or its standing in the world and have accepted their lot as subservient vassels of the state.

And the change that is necessary to rectify this 'living hell of Britain' that people suffer? Firstly, we need a present-day 'Cromwellian' clearance of Parliament and its present inhabitants and a life-long ban on most of them ever returning to any position of trust, or to hold any public office. Secondly, we need a government that will return to Britain its ability to once again become a self-governing country in its own right and to return to the people all the powers that have been usurped by politicians, thus allowing them, the people, to re-assert their personal independence and self-reliance. Fourthly, it necessary that politicians are held legally responsible to their electorate; and that as they are funded by the people, it is the people to whom politicians are answerable, at any time during their term of service.

Just for starters - now over to you...............


Mrs Rigby said...

"a present-day 'Cromwellian' clearance of Parliament and its present inhabitants"

But it's already been agreed that each and every MP who leaves, for whatever reason, shall be given a lifetime pass to Westminster, so that'll be a bit hard to achieve.

Witterings From Witney said...

Mrs. R,

See following post....

As ye shall arrive, so shall ye leave!